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Our Inn

The Old West Inn was built in early 1980’s and very originally given the “Old West” Theme by its original owner. The hotel changed hands a few number of times in the last 2 decades

Hotel Layout For the old west inn

A little about our family

My name is Roshan Patel, Manager at The Old West Inn from 2007 – Present. My family and I immigrated from India in 2004 to this amazing country. Having lived in Alabama and Georgia for a bit, we decided to move to California and eventually found our way to The Old West Inn in June of 2007.

From day 1, we knew there was a lot of work ahead of us and its been almost 12 years and we are still giving our best to make this property stand out.

We have improvised and innovated different ways to keep the “Old West” motif that people love and added the modern touches that people need and kept the prices as competitive that people look for. Those 3 things are the bread and butter for the success of this property.

As time passed by, The Old West Inn climbed the ratings on Review Sites like Tripadvisor.com, Yelp.com, Hotels.com. We climbed the top of rating on every travel review website for Hotels in Willits CA.

We welcome you to be a part of this amazing hotel and wonderful town and also to get to know us a little.

Thank you.

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The Old West Inn Courtyard
The Old West Inn - Front

See the old west town come to life...

The Old West Inn, is a very Unique Hotel in Willits. Located centrally in The Heart of Mendocino, Willits, it brings  vibrant colors to this wonderful town. This hotel has 19 rooms. Each room has its Unique Western Name to it. The difference between this hotel and others is that it adds a memory to your journey. We strive to bring the best from this place and vice versa it does the same thing to us. Names of the room are as follows:

  • 101 – Two Queens
  • 102 – The Saloon
  • 103 – The Saloon
  • 104 – The Doctor
  • 105 – The Bank
  • 106 – Post Office
  • 107 – Barber Shop
  • 108 – Blacksmith
  • 109 – Livery Stable
  • 110 – The Dentist
  • 111 – Trading Post
  • 112 – Miner Supply
  • 114 – Stage
  • 115 – Bunkhouse
  • 116 – The Hotel
  • 117 – The General Store
  • 118 – The Bakery
  • 119 – The Sheriff
  • 120 – The Jail

Our History

get to know us a little bit

Built in 1979

Renovated Every Single Year after 2007

The Old West Inn went through a lot of changes in the past 12 years we have been here. Some of the recent renovations include:

  1. Wood Flooring (Downstairs)
  2. Granite Counters with undermount Sink
  3. 40 Ounce thick carpets for upstairs rooms for noise reduction.
  4. Fiber Decking installed on every walkway
  5. Outdoor swing for added comfort in the courtyard.
  6. 330 Ft of fencing around the hotel
  7. Single Handle Shower Faucets for the ease of use.
  8. Proper Seating for Breakfast area.
  9. Freshly Painted Exterior & Interior of the hotel
  10. Installed Electric Car Charing Stations.