How far is the Skunk Train from The Old West Inn?


The Skunk Depot in Willits is 1.1 Miles from The Old West Inn.

3 Minutes by Driving. Click here for Directions

21 Minutes by Walking

Do you offer Skunk Train Package?
We don’t have a package for skunk train, but we can book your tickets directly from here and we do offer discounted rates when you book your rooms directly with us. Please give us a call at (707) 459 4201.
Is there any taxi services available in Willits?
Sadly, there isn’t. We do make an exception to help out our guests who needs rides to and from The Skunk Depot.
Do we offer any discounts?
When you book directly with us, you do save $10 on an average daily room compared to booking on other sites like booking.com and  hotels.com. Please visit our Reservation page for the best pricing and availability.
What do we offer for free breakfast?

We offer a small cold continental breakfast, which includes:

  • Pastries
  • Milk & Cereal
  • Regular Coffee
  • Orange Juice (Sunny D)
  • Bananas
  • Toasted Bread
  • Strawberry Jam with Bread

What hours?

  • 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM

In the office.

What all is included in the room?

Our In-Room Amenities are:

  • Mini-Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Hair Dryer
  • Coffee Maker
  • 40 Inch LED TV
  • Dish Network with 130 Channels.
  • Desk & Chair
Is it a single storey building or two storey?

The Old West Inn is designed like a downward U. Its a single storey building on one side and double storey on the other. Here is a simple diagram of the building.

The Old West Inn - Fire Exit Plan

Queen Bed or King Bed?
We have both. Please request the type of bed you prefer in the comments section when booking your room.
Whats there to do in Willits?

Willits is a nice, friendly town with activities and events that run throughout the year. Please visit our Explore Section and also our Upcoming Events page to find out about what’s going on around the area.

Restaurants in Willits?

Willits has a nice list of restaurants, please visit our Restaurants page for details.

Does The Old West Inn have swimming pool?
No, We don’t.
Does The Old West Inn allow pets?
No, We don’t.
Does The Old West Inn have Smoking Rooms?
No, We don’t.
How far is Fort Bragg / Beach?

Fort Bragg is 35.2 Miles from The Old West Inn

How far is the Downtown of Willits?

We are centrally located in Willits. It’s 1-mile either direction. Downtown is around 1 mile.


Do we have Laundry service on facility?

No, We don’t.

There is a laundry service very close by from here called U-Wash


Do we offer Commercial or Group Discount?

Yes we do. Please contact the Manager, Roshan Patel directly for that. Roshan’s direct cell number is (478) 244 1937.


What are the Theme Rooms?

We went through a major renovation which took off most of the Theme Rooms. In the process to modernize the facility, we had to change a few things around. We still have 2 Rooms that has the older style look to it. Please visit our Rooms page for pictures and updates of all the rooms.

Travelling with a long trailer?

Please call us at (707) 459 4201 and inform us prior to arrival so we can arrange proper parking space for the trailer. Our parking lot isn’t big enough for a full-size trailer to make a complete turn.

Do we have an Elevator?

No, We don’t.

I might be arriving very late, whats the procedure?

We close the office doors at 10PM and the Night Window is open all night. For anyone arriving later than 10PM, please let us know at (707) 450 4201. We can arrange a “Key-Drop” if you might be arriving very late.

Is there any hiking trails in the area?

There are plenty of Hiking Trails close by. Please visit our Hiking Trails page for the more details.