The Skunk Train

The Skunk Train will take you back in time as you are whisked away on a fantastic journey. This is a historically accurate train line running from Fort Bragg to Willits that showcases the phenomenal beauty of the area. Everyone will enjoy winding through the countryside over bridges and trestles and through tunnels.

The Redwood Forest

You have discovered the legendary California redwoods. At least once in your lifetime, you need to visit the magnificent coastal redwoods of Humboldt County—to walk, explore and soak up the silence and grandeur of forests unlike any others in the world.

Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree

Drive-Thru Tree Park is a privately-owned grove that has been operated by the Underwood Family since 1922. Located approximately 180 miles north of the San Francisco Bay Area, the park was an ideal stopping place for overnight or week-long stays. In 1937 the Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree was added to provide a unique treat for travelers.

One Log House - Leggett

Hollowed out in 1946 from a single log, the Famous One-Log House was created from a redwood tree over 2100 years old! This section alone weighed 42 tons. It took two men eight months of hard labor to hollow out a room 7 feet high and 32 feet long. Enough chips came out of it to build a five-bedroom house! This special log home includes living, dining, & bedroom areas just like any other trailer or motor home.

Grandfather Tree

Seven miles North of us is the Grandfather Tree, world famous for its picturesque qualities. It stretches 245 feet tall with one of the largest tree trunks measuring 24 feet in diameter and 55 feet in circumference, estimated to be over 1800 years old.

Confusion Hill

Campbell Bros. Confusion Hill in the beautiful Northern California Redwoods is a Northern California tourist attraction that has been the Home of Mystery, Fun, and Family Entertainment since 1949. As of January, 2010, Confusion Hill is now listed as a California State Point of Historical Interest. There is the World Famous Gravity House, the Redwood Shoe house, the Ripley’s Believe It or Not “Worlds Tallest Free Standing Redwood Chainsaw Carving” and the unique miniature Mountain Train Ride to enjoy.


Seabiscuit, the legendary race horse and subject of a 2003 motion picture, lived and is buried at Ridgewood Ranch along Hwy 101 in Willits. In 1936 San Francisco auto salesman Charles Howard paid $8,000 for Seabiscuit and hired trainer Tom Smith and jockey Red Pollard to race him. Together they turned a moderately successful 3-year-old, regarded by many as lazy, into a champion.


Take a trip back in time at Roots of Motive Power and learn about steam engines and the roots of the logging industry in north western California. California’s history was built on the backs of these rolling marvels, and at Roots of Motive Power the past comes alive with physical history.


Do you remember the movie “Seabiscuit” about the race horse that captured the hearts of millions of people in the 1930s? This famous steed was from the Willits area and the Mendocino County Museum has an extensive exhibit on his career. In addition, the museum has numerous artifacts and exhibits on the area’s rich history, including an old stagecoach, relics from the clipper ship the “Frolic” and Native American baskets.


Frontier Days for 87 years the premier celebration in Willits has been Frontier Days, featuring several weeks of themed activity wrapping up July 4th wth an Independence Day parade, BBQ and rodeo. The festival has something for all ages, from the excitement of professional bull riders matching skills against the meanest and toughest bulls to youngsters entering his or her first junior rodeo competition. June 22 – July 4th


rom 1906 to 1967, everything from cars to batteries to bottles, cans and appliances were unceremoniously pushed over the cliffs into the ocean — a common practice of seaside cities for centuries. Mother Nature responded to this abuse with a nice surprise in the form of smooth, colored sea glass treasure in a rainbow of colors.