2 Best ways to find cheap hotels in Willits CA

Willits CA has 9 Hotels to choose from, here are some of the best ways to find cheap hotels in Willits ca today. (#1 Method for best savings)

Direct Booking – Cheap Hotels in Willits CA

When searching for a hotel, the first and foremost thing to do is to select the hotel that fits your budget and also has the best reviews. Websites like www.tripadvisor.com and www.yelp.com are a few to help you select the hotel that would fit your preference.

Once you have selected the hotel that has the best reviews and the budget you are looking for, find the best rate you can for that hotel online. Once you have found the best possible rate for that hotel, give a call to that hotel directly, asking to better or match the rate that you found online. 9 out of 10 times, the hotel will definitely give you a much better rate.

Hotels have to pay commission to all the third-party websites, so rather than paying a third-party website for the same thing which could be done directly, it would be in the best interest for the customer and the hotel.

Most hotels can also offer much better customer service and help you in any last minute changes as they won’t be obligated to the third-party website policies. You can call the hotel directly for any changes and won’t have to wait in line for a customer service representative to relay your message.

Additionally, you get more in-depth knowledge of the area as the email confirmations you receive directly from the hotel are more detailed to give you the best experience of the area.

The Old West Inn management has provided a detailed visitor’s travel guide for the area. Click here for Travel Guide on your way to Visit Willits.

Click Below for Direct Booking for The Old West Inn
cheap hotels in willits ca - direct booking

Cash Discount

After Booking your hotel directly with the best possible rate, there is a very good chance that hotels offer a cash discount. With overwhelming charges from Credit Card Merchant Providers, it would be wise for a hotel to give you a discounted rate then being charged more for the same money.

At The Old West Inn, we have a few specials that help every guest of ours to get the best possible rate, one of which is a Cash Discount.

We offer a $5 off per room and per night for all the non-prepaid reservations on top of the direct booking discount. In a way, it would save up to $10-$15 every day.

One of the other discounts to find cheap hotels in Willits ca that we offer is Group Discount, for people traveling in a group or organizing a party or a get-together. In fact, most hotels would take pride in hosting get-togethers and give you a better deal directly.

And since not hotels are the same, try asking for AAA, AARP, Military or Veterans Discount. Some Hotels even offer profession discount. For individuals working for hospitals, government employees or even firefighters, there is always some discount that could apply to you.

cheap hotels in willits ca - cash discount

Additionally, Google has made efforts to find the best rates possible. To find cheap hotels in Willits CA, simply Click Here.
Google will search across all the Hotel Booking websites to find you all the deals it can.

Groupon.com is also considered as one of the best resources for finding some local deals as the market for hotel industry has such a massive exposure. Deals for hotels are everywhere, once you make a little effort to making sure you get the best deals, the procedure becomes very convenient.

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