Frey Vineyards

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About Frey Vineyards

America’s first organic and Biodynamic winery

Producing award-winning vegan, gluten free wines with no added sulfites since 1980

We are a third-generation family-owned and operated winery located at the pristine headwaters of the Russian River in Redwood Valley, Mendocino County, California. At Frey Vineyards we combine the best of modern and traditional winemaking methods to showcase distinctive varietal flavors. Through minimal manipulation in the cellar, we allow the wines to express the authentic character of our soils and climate. For over three decades we have been vanguards in crafting wine without added sulfites, a synthetic preservative added to most other wines (even wines made with organically grown grapes!) that can cause adverse allergic reactions in some people.

Our organic and Biodynamic farming methods encourage care for the soil, groundwater, and wildlife, promoting rich biodiversity in the vineyard. Ninety percent of our land is held as unspoiled natural habitat with a diverse mix of native plants and animals. As stewards of the land, we emphasize producing organic and Biodynamic wine of the highest quality while caring for planet and palate alike.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Frey Vineyards

Q. How long can I hold on to my bottle of Frey Wine, made with no added sulfites?
We recommend drinking Frey red wines within 7 years of vintage and Frey white and rosé wines within 3 years of vintage.

We make our wines in a “New World”, fruit-forward style and craft them to be soft and drinkable as soon as they hit the market.  We do not recommend aging our white wines.  For reds, if you prefer to hold on to a bottle, a good rule of thumb is that the darker, heavier, more tannic varietals (Cabernet, Merlot, Syrah, Petite Sirah) lend themselves better to aging than medium-bodied or light wines (Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, and our Natural Red).

We recommend 7 years from vintage as a safe limit, although we have had great experiences tasting some of our older reds.  A 1999 Zinfandel and a 1992 Cabernet that we tasted recently were wonderful.  In early 2009 we heard from folks who tasted a bottle of our 1982 Cab, which they enjoyed.

Q. What is the best way to store Frey Organic & Biodynamic Wines with no sulfites added?
1. It is best to store non-sulfited wines in a cool, dark place at room temperature or cooler.
2. Lay the bottle on its side so the wine has contact with the cork.
3. Choose a place with a minimum of daily temperature swings.

Q. After de-corking a bottle to enjoy one or two glasses, how can I preserve the wine for several days longer?
There are many ways to prolong the good taste of the wine after first opening the bottle.  The simplest is to pour the wine you want to drink, then seal it again with the cork or a vacuum seal, and put it in the fridge or a cool place.

Contact with oxygen in the air will change the taste of any wine within a day. A big step up from the above methods is to displace the oxygen in the bottle by using a wine preserving inert gas, then seal it in with the cork. There are many such wine preservers on the market.

Q. Traces of glyphosate have recently been found in beer and wine?
Regarding recent reports of trace amounts of glyphosate in beer, wine and our food supply:  Frey Vineyards is the nation’s first certified organic winery, founded in 1980.  No herbicides, including Monsanto/Bayer’s Roundup, which is formulated with glyphosate, have ever been used in our farming practices.  The USDA National Organic Program strictly prohibits the use of any synthetic herbicides.  We continue to be dedicated to farming without these harmful chemicals.

Sadly, glyphosate in trace amounts is now found in rainwater across the country because of its application to conventionally farmed agricultural land.  Glyphosate in trace amounts can be found in many food products across the United States.  We urge consumers to speak up to ban all use of glyphosate.
On a more positive note, glyphosate is on its way to being phased out in Europe and we hope the same will soon happen in the U.S.  We donate a significant part of our profits, and have been doing so for nearly four decades, to organizations that fight the use of harmful herbicides and pesticides, including:

It is a difficult battle when up against giant corporations such as the makers of Roundup.  However, there are many local and national groups working to ban glyphosate.  We urge concerned people to support these groups and embrace certified organic farming, for the health of our children, our environment, and our food supply.

Q. Is Frey Wine Kosher-certified?
Sorry, we do not make Kosher-certified wine.

Contact Frey Vineyards

Questions or Comments? We’d love to hear from you!

Please email us at Or you may call us at (707) 485-5177, 9AM to 5PM business days.

For Frey Organic Wine Club inquires, please  email or call (707) 485-5177.

Frey Vineyards Ltd
14000 Tomki Rd
Redwood Valley, CA 95470

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