Orr Hot Springs Resort

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Orr Hot Springs resort is a small, tranquil resort settled deep in the rolling hills of the Mendocino Coastal Range. Situated on a beautiful country road between the towns of Mendocino and Ukiah, the springs flourish on 27 acres at the headwaters of Big River.

Pomo Native Americans regularly passed through this vibrant spot on trading expeditions and on annual treks to the Mendocino coast. Unfriendly tribes agreed to co-exist peacefully while stopping at the hot springs.

In the late 1800s, “Orr Hot Sulphur Springs” became a resting spot on the Ukiah-Mendocino stagecoach line. It developed into a popular resort for city-dwellers who came seeking health and relaxation. The mineral waters were heralded as bringing great relief to arthritis and rheumatism, and to blood, kidney and liver disorders.

Our lodge and some of the cabins were constructed in the early 1930s from locally milled redwood and retain the charm and grace of that period. Newer additions blend into the forested river environment.

Experience for yourself the unique qualities of this very special place.

Things to Know Before Coming Up

General Information

  • Orr Hot Springs is a clothing optional facility.
  • Reservations are almost always necessary, as we often fill up for Day Use and Overnight stays.
  • We do not allow pets on the property or to be kept in vehicles in the parking lot. If you are traveling with pets, please make arrangements to board them with a friend or in the town of Ukiah prior to your arrival.
  • Regarding Children: Orr Hot Springs is first and foremost a place for adults to come and relax. That said, we do allow children with some restrictions. Please see our Child Policy for more information.
  • We do not serve or sell food, and are nowhere near a restaurant or grocery store. We have a large communal kitchen in which to cook; just make sure to bring your own food, cooking oils, and spices. For more information, click here.
  • Precious metals such as gold and silver will tarnish when exposed to the waters. The tarnish will eventually wear off or can be removed chemically.

Things to Bring (not provided)

  • Food and beverages, including cooking oil, seasonings, and paper products such as coffee filters, if you would like to cook a meal in our Communal Kitchen. Please note: we do not serve or sell food, and are 12 miles away from the nearest grocery store or restaurant.
  • Bath Towels, Robe, Slip-on shoes, Flashlight (towels and robes can be rented for a small fee)
  • Biodegradable soap and shampoo

Things not to Bring

If broken glass gets into any of the communal tubs, they will shut down, which makes for a great deal of unhappy people!

If you would like to bring water bottles, just make sure they are either metal or plastic.

There is also a drinking fountain with filtered water available at the Bathhouse.


  • Noisy electronic devices
    If you wish to bring devices such as laptops, tablets, portable gaming consoles, etc., please use headphones and ensure they do not disturb others. Cell phones and other devices are not allowed at the Bathhouse.
  • Bedding
    Bedding is already provided for Rooms, Yurts, and Cottages, but if you would like to provide you own bedding (such as pillows, blankets, etc.) feel free to bring it yourself.
  • Bath Salts, Additives, and Lotions
    Because all of our tubs drain directly into the creek that runs through the property, we ask guests not to add products such as Bath Salts or anything else to the waters.

    Also, the use of Lotions (especially Eucalyptus) is also not allowed in the Steam Room/Dry Sauna for the same reason, as well as for the comfort of our other guests.

    Note: The use of Soap/Shampoo/Other Products is allowed in the Showers since they drain into a septic system, however we would prefer if the products were biodegradable.

Please Note: There is no cell service at Orr Hot Springs, and we do not have WiFi available.


Every Day

Every morning from 7:00AM to 9:00AM the Bathhouse closes for cleaning. It is otherwise open for 22 hours per day.


On Tuesday we drain and clean our large Cold Pool starting at 12:00PM. The pool takes approximately 20-24 hours to fill back up and is generally available Wednesday morning when the Bathhouse opens.

Contact Details For Orr Hot Springs Resort

13201 Orr Springs Road
Ukiah, CA 95482


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